Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Welcome to summer. The sun comes up, the kids come home, and our writing sits around all day like dead weight, occasionally whimpering at us from the desktop.

It's time to get our manuscripts swimsuit ready!  

We've got to get serious, cut the excess, and tighten the body.  So how are we going to do that with all the summer madness?

Here's a clue:

That's right, we're going light.  

Starting June 1st and ending September 8th, we are challenging all of you to write 100 words each day.  

100 words a day?  That's easy!  It can be any kind of writing-- 100 words in your manuscript, 100 words in your journal, 100 words on your grocery list (well, maybe not that one).

Need support from your fellow ANWA sisters?  Be sure to check back here often for tips and clues on how to reach your goal.  For any of you seasoned writers, we'd love to hear what works for you.  Contact us at anwaevents at gmail dot com and we'll post your suggestions.

We may even give a few little gifts along the way...

Leave a comment and let us know who's joining the challenge.  Then roll up your sleeves, grab your computer, and buckle down for the half hour or so it will take each day to meet the goal.

 To help you feel inspired, here's some pictures of a few other things that come in 100's:



Candy bars (okay, ignore the "Grand" part. But hey, chocolate)


  1. I'm excited for this. Is it OK to write 200 words on Monday or Saturday if I don't write on Sunday?

  2. What a great idea! I came into the board meeting too late to find out where you got the idea, and am curious about that.

    1. Ha. Marsha I thought it came from you!

    2. It's possible that it did, because I have encouraged this sort of thing in the past. I think we did it in ANWA Write one year, back when I was still managing it.

  3. I am in. I will be writing Blogs, my second novel, and assignments for my students. (That counts!)

  4. This is the perfect motivation for me! On Sundays I will write in my journal and on the other days of the week I will start on my novel (not quite sure what to call it...romantic suspense?). Yay! You can reach me easily on Facebook or at