Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Clean Writing Fling INFO

Join the 2016 Spring Clean Writing Fling! (SCWF)

What Exactly IS the Writing Fling?

A fun, month-long dose of inspiration & motivation to support you in a writing goal of your choice!

What kind of goal do I have to make?

Anything related to your writing! Like ...

·        Starting a new writing project (novel, short story, blog, etc.)
·         Finishing a previously started writing project
·         Studying a book about writing you’ve always wanted to
·         Finish revising a work in progress
·         Developing your online author platform, such as:
o   Setting up a blog, or writing a certain number of posts
o   Developing an author website, facebook page, or twitter account
·         Swap Beta Reading with another writer
·         Doing research for a book idea/scenes
·         Preparing a work for self publication & publishing
·         Designing illustrations or cover art – or commissioning it
·         Seeking an agent/publisher – (querying, pitching, synopsis writing)
·         Reading books in your genre
·         Writing your life story (or a family member’s)
·         Writing an ancestor’s story

How does the Spring Fling Work?

1) Join the Spring Clean Writing Fling Facebook group (to get notifications)
2) Prayerfully choose your writing-related goal 
3) Work on your goal from March 1-31 
4) Check out the daily posts for inspiration, motivation, & activities 
5) Report back on your progress (in the Facebook comments)

Do I have to do all the activities?

No, you don't! They are offered to support & inspire YOU! Choose what speaks to you.
(Of course, the more you participate in, the more you'll benefit.)

What kind of info/activities will there be?

Each day's post will offer 5 categories to inspire and motivate you. Here are the descriptions:

1. "Writivation" 

Inspiring thoughts from writers, scriptures & general authorities –
Reminding you why you write!

2.  Creativity Kick-Starter

A fun, brief activity to boost your creativity & help you be a better writer!

3.  Writing Sprint & Tumblr Sharing

A five to fifteen minute writing sprint and place to share your writing --      at

4.  Productivity Pointers

Oodles of ideas, tips, motivation, even printable downloads – to help with your work in progress – at any stage!

Plus:  "Links to Look At" -- Information & websites worth checking out.

5.  Return and Report

“Check in” and report on your progress daily in the comments of the FB post/and blog. ACCOUNTABILITY quadruples your productivity!

Have Fun – Reach Goals – Support Each Other – Make new Friends!


  1. This looks to be a fabulous event! Can't wait to get started! You rock, PJ!

  2. Thanks but I didn't do it alone. This is a joint venture with Janet.

  3. I'm in! This choice comes with accountability. Yikes!