Thursday, June 12, 2014


Be sure to check FB for the winner of CJ Hill's book, SLAYERS.  I will mail you the book at the first part of next week.  CONGRATULATIONS.

And to give you all a little inspiration to keep going on the challenge, here's a few tips on writing from Janette Rallison (AKA CJ Hill).  Be sure to check out her website here.

Ten Reasons You Should Be Writing

1)      You could be cleaning your fridge, and who wants to do that?
2)      Writing can be done in your pajamas.
3)      Writing doesn’t require you to drive anywhere, which means you’re saving the environment.
4)      Your computer will never gossip about you to other coworkers. (Although the computer and printer do snicker about you behind your back.)
5)      If you’re writing, both hands are on the keyboard and therefore not grabbing junkfood, which means writing is healthy.
6)      You can put the guys who dumped you in high school into your story—and kill them.
7)      Ditto for your bad bosses.
8)      Words last forever. Kapow—you’re immortal!
9)      Artists are expected to be eccentric. You can wear those fuzzy bunny slippers and people will
just shrug and say, “Well, you know, she is an arteest.”
10)   Writing is fun!

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