Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Writing Challenge Call of the Wild

Okay, it's a terrible pun but I found it hilarious.

Today is the day, ladies. 

Time to set your goals and share them with the world.
*(If you haven't already)

So, let's hear 'em.
100 words per day? 
You animal.

Edit 10 pages per day? 
What a wild woman.

Write an entire book?
You are queen of the jungle.

Tune in each Saturday for an uplifting message and to share your progress for the week.

And join us the first Saturday of each month for a one hour writing spring, beginning at noon EST.

  • June 4th
  • July 2nd
  • August 6th
  • September 3rd.


  1. Finish current draft by the end of June.
    Finish first revisions by the end of July.
    Finish second revisions by the end of August.
    Don't die.

  2. 100, words a day, and get my current WIP ready for its September release date.

  3. Finish current draft by end of June!

  4. Finish current draft by end of June!

  5. I'm in the edit 10 pages a day camp. (At least until I finish this revision.) Then it's 500 words a day.

  6. Write 20,000 words by the end of the month and finish the first draft of this new book.

  7. Finish revising and formatting Book 1 in the StarBride Chronicles. Finish designing the cover. Set a date to release it. Then when I finish that, I'll start the process over with book 2 which is nearly complete. So broken down into parts, I have to revise 12-15 pages per day. Spend 3 days on my book cover, 1-2 days formatting, and at least 1/2 hour per day marketing. DEEP BREATH--I can do this.

  8. Write SoMETHINg! lol actually I want to finish my YA! It can happen!! Counting on Retreat to crank out a lot of awesomeness!!

  9. Finish outlining book 4 in my series, write 20 pages by the end of the month. (This is a super busy month.) Write another 20 pages in July and another 20 in August. Then write 400 in September.

  10. Going to try 100 words a day and at least 2 different manuscripts subbed.

  11. I suppose I shall do this. I mean, I'm really excited. But I'm tired right now.

    -Convert my novella into a graphic novel.
    -Another revision of my steampunk novel.