Thursday, August 14, 2014

Second Time's A Charm!

This lucky winner was drawn randomly two weeks in a row!  
Congratulations Erin Mindes for winning our ANWA t-shirt.  
I will send you some color and size options via email and then get it (and your book from last week) in the mail to you!  

For the rest of us who don't have a contest fairy, here's an inspired message from our President Elect, Cindy Williams.

When your character stops talking to you or seems flat, or bored, try this. Interview him/her.  Ask them what their favorite color, food, game, show, thing to do, purpose in life, goals, friends, friends, enemies, likes, dislikes, parents, pet peeves, what warms their hearts, what they want to get out of "their story".  Get them to come alive and start talking to you again. This may all end out backstory, and never used, but it will get you into their heads and help your writing and your character come to life.

I often have my character write me a letter. Really. They tell me a lot about themselves. It is an amazing process. Sometimes I don't like the things they have to tell me, but it always helps me understand them and their motivation much better. It also helps me get over a writers block.

Interview your character or, have them write a letter to you. Either way, you will write a well rounded character that makes more sense to you and your readers.

Cindy R. Williams.


  1. Haha that's crazy, but thank you. I guess the random machine knew I needed some extra love!

  2. Nice Erin! See, all that work does have a payoff. :)