Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 2: (Wednesday, March 2)


I write a story as if it were a letter to someone, 
and essentially, that's what you do. 
~Theodore Sturgeon

One writer; one reader … heart to heart, mind to mind. We’re not writing for the masses, we’re writing for one reader at a time.

So, talk to him or her. Write a story for your friend in the most interesting, compelling way you can. Remember, she really ought to be dealing with her own life , rather than reading your story just now.  

So write something worth her time and attention. Not only does good fiction give a refreshing break from everyday cares, it can impart life experience through the lives of its characters -- that might help her through her own trials.

Forget about yourself. It’s all about your friend. -Janet Clark

Creativity Kick-Starter


First stage of a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.
A 2014 Stanford research study discovered walking boosts creativity, with a significant increase in comparison to sitting.

And the effects weren’t limited to outdoor walking, either. Walking on a treadmill had the same results. 

What a relief! 
I don’t know about you but I wasn’t going to risk hypothermia or heat exhaustion for a little creative kick.

It get’s even better. Listen to this, the creative mojo continues for a while after the walk ends.
And don’t even get me started on the health benefits.

So what are you still doing here? Go take a walk!
-PJ Switzer

Writing Sprint

Am I the only one who noticed he wasn't wearing pants?
What happened to your hair?

Let's get the mojo going. 
Set your timer for 15 minutes 
and write fast & furious. 
Ready. Set. Go!
-PJ Switzer

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Productivity Pointers

Quit Multi-tasking
Multi-tasking = doing several things poorly at once

Just a little more mascara and ... bam ... we're dead.
Good Multi-tasking
   Talking on the phone and doing dishes
   Talking on the phone and folding laundry
    Helping the kids do homework while making dinner

Bad Multi-tasking
   Putting on make-up while driving
   Eating and making the bed
   Texting and listening to a Sunday School lesson  
         (Guilty! I’ve done this one.)

Writing is an all-consuming activity. How can the Spirit guide us, or our characters speak to us 
if they have to compete with television, texting, emailing, phone calls, etc.?

By giving ourselves over entirely to writing we find our passion and peace and productivity.
-PJ Switzer

Check out the website for The Write Life. 
The site contains great information on self-publishing, 
freelance writing, and much more.

Return & Report

How did you do today?

What factors increase/decrease your productivity?
Share your ideas with us
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