Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day 30, Wednesday, March 30th


Sit down with a book you love.  Read it AGAIN.
And AGAIN. Take notes. Underline. Copy favorite passages. Outline the book.  Do a story arc.

Take that sucker apart, nuts and bolts. Study it. Find out what makes it sing. Its secrets are right there in black and white for anyone to uncover who’s willing to take the time.

Take some thought and write why you love it. Write a book review on Amazon or Goodreads.

What are the author’s strong points (and weak points?) Do they have other works you could read? LEARN from this author. Maybe even reach out to them. (What are some books you LOVE? Tell us on FB some of your all time favs! Maybe they'll become ours too!) Janet Clark

Creativity Kick-Starter
Who knew these still existed?
Artists have paint. Writers have words. Words are your medium, the way you paint a picture, evoke emotion, sing the sacred. So, you need to love them.

I think the best way to begin this love affair is by reading. Reading will open up a whole new vocabulary. And never be embarrassed if you’re unfamiliar with a word or phrase. But don’t stay ignorant of it’s meaning either. Always be willing to investigate and keep a dictionary (or your phone) close by so you can look it up.

You know what one of my favorite word is? Pugilist. It’s just another way of saying boxer but it sounds so much cooler.
- PJ Switzer

Writing Sprint
(Pick one and see where it takes you.)

She was a terrible witch, really. She could hardly brew tea, let alone a potion.
Hey, that sea urchin stole my money!

Let's get the mojo going. 
Set your timer for 15 minutes 
and write fast & furious. 
- PJ Switzer

Ready. Set. Go!

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Productivity Pointers

Lean on me.
It may seem counter-intuitive to take time out of your already busy schedule and help someone else with her writing but there are a number of benefits to it.
  • It makes you happy.
  • It boosts your confidence.
  • It provides perspective.
  • It brings you closer to Heavenly Father, which in turns opens you up to more direction in your own work. 

Remember, your time is never wasted in the service of another.
- PJ Switzer

Return & Report


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