Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 7: (Monday, March 7)


Write while the heat is in you. The writer who postpones recording his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole. 

Passion fuels great writing; and often the best ideas come in the shower or the car -- at times when we're still enough, alone enough, or relaxed enough for a great idea to get though. But those ideas are a bit like a hot bath: after a while, they’re not so hot

So catch them before they get away! Keep a little whiteboard or pad of paper and pen in the bathroom. Pull to the side of the road and jot the idea down ... or record it on your smart phone, or call yourself and leave a message.

Capture those strokes of pure brilliance. Unless you do, they might be lost forever. - JC

Creativity Kick-Starter


Music and writing 
Sound and word 
United in purpose
Fill the soul
Inspire the mind

When you need a creative boost let music lead the way.
  • Put on a favorite song or ten – I made an Encouragement Playlist to combat doubt and fear. (“Don’t Stop Believing” gets a LOT of play time.)
  • Make music – Sit down at the piano, pick up that guitar, pull out the ole trombone and make a joyful noise. Shoot, you can even sing in the shower.

-PJ Switzer

Writing Sprint
(Listen to the songs and see what stories they inspire)


Let's get the mojo going. 
Set your timer for 15 minutes 
and write fast & furious. 
- PJ Switzer

Ready. Set. Go!

Productivity Pointers

It must be a part of our human DNA to misjudge time. We allot twenty minutes for a haircut that has never taken less than an hour. We start a five-minute project that somehow manages to take five hours.

This little quirk can be funny or it can be counter productive.

Remember to give your writing the time it needs. Thirty minutes of productive work and family/work harmony are better than eight hours of choppy writing and resentment.
-PJ Switzer

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Return & Report

We're in our 2nd week now.
Do you feel good about what you accomplished last week?
What about the direction you are heading this week?

Does your creativity, confidence, and productivity feel stronger?
Let's keep up the conversation and boost each other's successes AND struggles on FB!
- JC



  1. Love this! You two are awesome!!!

  2. I love your posts and snippets of inspirational thoughts and advice. Thank you. hugs~