Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day 3: (Thursday, March 3)


Only you can write your story. Your personal experiences and challenges have given you a unique view of the world. Sure, we all have similarities -- like fingerprints -- but no one ever has (or ever will) experience life quite like you have.

So tell your story. Imbue your characters with what you've felt and seen, good and bad. The best and most loved fiction is that which is enriched by the author’s most private fears, hopes ... triumphs and failures. 

Share your story. Share yourself. Please don't hold back -- or hide your light under a bushel. We'll all be richer for it. - Janet Clark

Creativity Kick Starter
You’re overwhelmed, aren’t you? You see people posting all these goals and sharing their cool plot ideas while you just stare at your computer screen willing the creative juju to come rolling in. You’re feeling low and thinking about giving up.


I have a new trick to get you back on your creative feet.

Lie flat on your back and write only 50 words.

Look at all the room I have to be creative.
Lying down tells your body to relax, which, in turn, tells your brain to relax. 50 words keeps it simple, one thought at a time, one sentence at a time.

You can prop your head with several pillows or only one. You can write long hand or you can type on your laptop. Consider propping your arms up on pillows to prevent shoulder strain.

If you get tired just remind yourself, all I have to write is 50 words. I think you’ll find you can push through the fatigue to get them down. 

Don’t know what to write about? Try one of the daily writing prompts.
-PJ Switzer

Writing Prompts
(Use the sentence as inspiration for a story)

Cleaning out grandmother's house broke my heart. Then I found the book with the yellow star on the front, the book of names.

Let's get the mojo going. 
Set your timer for 15 minutes 
and write fast & furious. 
-PJ Switzer

Ready. Set. Go!

Productivity Pointers


Your new mantra.


It’s time to accept it and stop wasting precious energy on feelings of inadequacy. You will never be productive as long as you doubt yourself. You are a writer. Acknowledge that fact and get to work. -PJ Switzer


Are you a "plotter"(you LOVE outlines?) or a "pants-er?" (you write best by the seat of your pants?)  Or a combination of both?

Check out the Link below: (thanks to Peggy Urry!)

A fun technique for brainstorming & organizing quickly

 It sound like fun! Here's a sample from the link:

"Get out a pack of index cards, write the name of each character on the correct number of cards (plan # of scenes first) ... and with one set of character cards in hand, start writing down one-sentence scene ideas, one per card. Be a little crazy, just write down all the fun things that you can think of that could happen to the character ..."

It has lots of great ideas! I think I could use this! Check it out! -JC

Return & Report

Share how it's going for you. 

"Miss a day? 
That's okay.
Progress comes first, 
and then, perfection."

Each day is a new day!

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